Breast Play

Breast Play

Unless you are a gay man, sexually, breasts will hold a fascination for most, maybe tinged with a preference in size. For those of us that are privileged to be the proud owners of these 2 bastions of sexual intrigue, they are (for most) an erogenous zone. The issue is that we generally don’t appreciate the way that they are often dealt with during a sexual encounter. I’ve decided to give you a few pointers on breast play, so that you don’t get smacked for treating them as hooters.

Before we go there, did you know that 15% of women can orgasm from breast play alone? And that nipples can swell 25% during breast play? And that nipples are covered in nerve endings? And that stimulation of nipples in women as well as men has the same effect on the pleasure sensors in the brain as the stimulation of other erogenous zones. I think this alone should tell you that breasts – well nipples – are wonderful areas to attend to during sex – for men and women.

As with most things sexual, its different strokes for different folks, but from my investigations the biggest complaints were:

1. Not enough CORRECT attention paid to breasts.
2. They are not an on switch – squish twice and go in for the kill – NO!
3. Do not treat them like an old hooter
However, if treated correctly – wow, wow, wow!!!

How do you “treat them correctly”? First of all, speak to the owner of these wonderful erogenous zones – this is a well-kept secret – they will know how they like their breasts played with, shocker – I know. However, if you feel that you can’t have this conversation, here are some things to try:

1. Don’t head for the nipple straight away. This is a good rule for all erogenous zones – tease and touch and torment, light kisses next to and around, build up the anticipation.
2. When your partner seems like they might fly out the bed if you don’t do more – they ready for you to focus on the areola – the dark bit around the nipple. Use fingers to touch and fondle
3. Use your mouth – use your tongue to twirl round the nipple, flick the nipple with it – if your partner has inverted nipples (which quite a number will) kiss, lick and tease still works, you may just have to work a little harder.
4. Nibble – don’t bite, unless your partner likes it – remember that pesky conversation I asked you to have.
5. Things not to do unless you have confirmed that your partner enjoys them – bounce, jiggle, honk or slap. Nothing turns someone off quicker than play they don’t like – especially if you have already been told one or more times
6. Nipple clamps – once again: after conversation – these come in the gentle variety right through to the OUCH!!! variety so be sure you know which ones (if any) your partner would like to try – and yes, they work on male nipples as well.
7. Stimulate nipples and clit at the same time for even better results – they are linked in our minds anyway, but this is only when it is obvious that your partner is nicely turned on.
8. Use some temperature play – ice is fun, alternate with something a little warm – keep things interesting and keep your partner guessing. (Once again this applies to most things sexual)
9. Alternate breast play with other areas of the body – do not get stuck in one place, and definitely don’t get stuck doing one thing.
10. Vibrators aren’t just for internal use – they also add a little oo-la-la to the breasts as well – and you don’t need special vibrating clamps – a good old bullet is a very versatile little toy.
11. If you enjoy a kinky lifestyle – a little flogging on the breasts can be wonderful – and even if you not – those little genital floggers you get with role play bondage sets work very well on breasts – from a tickle to a little sting.

And if the above isn’t enough to convince you that good breast play is a must – maybe a list of health benefits will sway you:

1. Breast massage increases blood flow and releases the hormone prolactin which is a breast enlarging hormone.
2. It can reduce the risk of breast cancer.
3. Knowing the feel of your partners breasts can assist with early lump detection.
4. Breasts massage results in firmer, tighter breasts.
5. Stress relief – playing with breasts properly releases oxytocin which is the happy hormone.

Be it for health reasons or improved sexual experiences, good breasts play, in my humble opinion, is a must, so go get playing and practicing.

Happy breasts to one and all.

By Mommabear


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