How to Give a Good Sensual Massage your partner will NEVER forget

Learn to make your fingers work their magic with a perfect sensual massage. All it takes is just 11 steps to turn a massage into a sexy indulgence.

A massage is just like lovemaking, or even like love.

It’s a moment in time that binds two people in a bond that’s blissful and perfect.

When you’re experiencing a perfect massage, time could fly and yet, you’d never want those hands to move away.

You’d just want to lie there, feeling the overpowering sense of giddy abandonment taking over you completely.

A sensual massage can bring both of you together, even though only one person experiences the pleasure of the perfect pressure.

As long as you know how to perfect the art of a good sensual massage, you’d be able to work wonders and win the gratitude of your lover.

The art of the perfect massage

Have you ever given a sensual massage to your partner? How do you feel when you give a massage to your lover? And most importantly, did your partner really enjoy it?

You may not realize this, but a sensual massage is a union of two bodies experiencing the bliss felt by one.

A massage isn’t about one person doing all the work while the other partner experiences a good rub down.

When you massage your lover, you’d start to feel as good as your partner does.

But that would happen only when you truly connect with your partner and create a bond, and let the energies flow between your bodies.

How to give a good sensual massage

A massage doesn’t take long, nor does it need a lot of accessories. Once you understand what a sensual massage really needs, you’ll be able to prepare yourself and your partner for it within a few minutes, and enjoy a rejuvenating massage that’ll make both of you feel good.

You don’t need nimble fingers or a brow full of dripping sweat to apply the right pressure or give the perfect massage.

You just need to keep these 11 steps in mind to create an experience that’s reminiscent of helpless ecstasy and a feeling of complete bliss, for both of you.

#1 Patience. Relax and calm your mind. Patience is the key to giving a good massage. Feel good about yourself and prepare your mind to selflessly please your partner without expecting anything but happiness and relaxation in return. Take a few deep breaths and avoid any distractions.

#2 Undisturbed time. If you want to give your lover a great sensual massage, give yourselves at last an hour of undisturbed times with no phone calls, email, or visitors. A sensual massage is a union of two minds and to experience it completely, you need to think of nothing but the way your hands feel against your partner’s body.

#3 Get the setting right. Your partner can experience the pleasure of a good massage only when they feel relaxed and uninhibited. Dim the lights if your partner feels awkward about lying in the nude under bright light, or use a soft cloth to cover their butt when they lie down in the nude on their tummy. Dress yourself up in soft clothing or take your clothes off.

#4 Things you need.  For a pleasurable sensual experience light fragrant incense or use massage oils, and play some soothing ambience music in low volume. Senze Massage Candles, a herbal aphrodisiac, is a great for a sensual massage. Light the candle and in moments the air fills with a mist of seductive scents from flowers, herbs and fruits. Once melted the candle liquifies into a smooth, nourishing and hydrating massage oil.

Senze Massage Candles is avaliable from Mr Grey.

#5 The warm up to the massage. Ask your partner to lie on their tummy on the bed. Sit down by their side *you can also sit on their butt or thighs if they’re comfortable with your body weight*. Place your hands on your partner’s upper back and move your hands all over their back. Pour a liberal amount of lotion or oil on their back and start moving your hands around their back slowly.

#6 The energy exchange. The energy exchange is the most important part of a good sensual massage. As you move your hands gently over your partner’s back, close your eyes and feel your hands move against your lover’s body.

Breathe deeply and feel your partner breathing though your hands. Apply a little pressure on their back, and with your eyes closed, visualize the love and the affection you have for your partner. Visualize the positive energy flowing from your body to your hands and into your partner’s body. As you experience the flow of energy, your bodies will create a powerful connection that will bind both of you together in a powerful connection of sensual bliss.

Your partner will feel what you feel, and you’ll feel what your partner feels. Love and lust will start flowing to and fro between your bodies. This may seem rather out-of-the-world as you read it, but as soon as you try this step with your partner, you’ll realize the connection within a few minutes. You may even find yourself laughing or getting misty eyed because the connection would be so surprisingly powerful!

#7 The massage. Once you’ve built the energy connection between your bodies, start moving your hands against your partner’s body. Start at the neck or shoulders and work your way downwards and outwards towards the extremities of the body, the arms and the legs.

As you move your hands, vary the pressure you’re applying on your partner. A happy moan implies a good pressure, a grunt or a painful moan means you need to reduce the pressure. If that doesn’t make sense to you, ask your partner to tell you if you need to reduce or increase the pressure. To ensure that you’re giving a good massage, start in the middle of the back and move your hands outward and sideways.

#8 The feel good zones. The neck, the shoulders and the toes are the feel good zones. Even if your partner doesn’t enjoy a massage or if they’re still feeling stiff or awkward, start with this region. These areas would help your partner relax immediately, shed their inhibitions and enjoy your hands against their body.

#9 The sensual zones. A sensual massage is no good when you don’t spend a lot of time in the sensual zones, the pelvis, inner thigh and lower back. As you move your hands all over your partner, pay attention to the way their body feels. If it feels rigid, you need to focus on the feel good zones. If it feels relaxed and moves easily, they’re ready for the sensual zones. Spend a lot of time massaging your lover around their sensual zone. And if you want to bring more passion into the massage, kiss or nibble your partner around their sensual zone now and then.

#10 Getting sexual and sensual. As you continue massaging your partner, switch between the sensual and the feel good zones every now and then. If your partner gets turned on, focus more on the sensual zones, so they can enjoy the sexual side of a relaxing massage. Once you’ve already gotten your partner to relax completely, there’s no bigger stress relief than an “erotic relief.” Why not add some fun to your massage by also giving a good old-fashioned hand job. It’ll definitely be a massage your partner won’t be able to forget.

#11 The cool down. After a long while, just as you started increasing the pressure with your hands gradually, start reducing the pressure you’re applying on their body slowly. The cool down process should take at least five minutes where you start reducing the pressure very gradually so your partner actually doesn’t realize the difference in your hand’s pressure.

Once you’ve almost reduced the pressure completely, move your hands all over your partner’s body gently and slowly so they can still feel your soothing touch but they can’t feel the pressure. End the sensual massage by softly kissing your lover around their body without disturbing their relaxed state of mind.

Talking while massaging

Try to reduce any verbal communication while massaging your partner. And even if you need to ask your partner something, whisper or speak very softly so you’re not breaking the connection of energies both of you are building up through the massage. A sensual massage is all about non verbal communication and the exchange of energies so both of you can feel more loved and connected. Don’t disturb the bond by laughing, talking loudly or by getting distracted.

Loosening the knots

Knots are tight muscles which can build up with stress or bad posture. While massaging your partner around knots, work with your partner and listen to them through the moans and the grunts. Apply pressure around the knots when you feel like they need more, and reduce it where the body seems soft and supple. You’ll learn with time. But always remember that it’s better to start the massage by applying less pressure.

Massage sex

You don’t need to end a massage with sex all the time. Make this about your partner, communicate and read their body language. If you see they enjoy the hand stimulation, then go for it. Give them a happy ending. If in doubt ask.

If your partner rather feel like having sex after a sensual massage, then don’t hold back. But if your partner doesn’t initiate it, don’t initiate it either. A sensual massage doesn’t always have to end in sex, as long as you sexually satisfy your lover.

How to Use a Massage Candle

Set the scene for your massage by lighting the candle and letting the aroma fill the room. It takes between 15 – 30 minutes for the candle to melt enough for you to start your massage – you’ll no doubt find a way to pass the time.

Once liquified, the candle will transform into a slowly absorbing, high-slip massage lotion that nourishes and hydrates the skin. Blow the flame out, test the temperature of the pool of oil with your finger and then you’re ready to play.

When it is ready, drizzle a small amount of the warm, moisturizing oil onto your partner’s body. Since the base of the massage oil blend is soy oil (derived from soy beans), it burns very clean and long. Soy oil also burns much cooler than traditional paraffin wax, so the melted massage oil does not get too hot to apply directly to the skin. The massage oil will only be slightly warmer than skin temperature.

Drizzle or drip the sensuous warm oil directly onto your partner’s body or into the palm of your hand and start your massage. The nourishing natural waxes and oils will smooth and soothe your lover as you work it into their body. If you leave the candle to cool it will set on its own, ready for the next seductive session, or re-light it for your turn to be massaged!

The ingredients are not only natural, but they are extremely rich and moisturizing, have a number of benefits for your skin and, with a low melt point the oils will not burn you.

A little bit will go a very long way, so use sparingly. When you use the right amount, the melted oils will soak into your skin completely  within just a few minutes.

Top 10 Massage Tips

1. Make sure he goes to the toilet before your massage. There’s nothing worse that having to disrupt the flow of a massage because he needs to go and take a leak, and holding it in will be a distraction.

2. Massage strokes should move in the direction of the heart in order to promote blood circulation.

3. There are lots of massage toys which can provide a different surface and different sensations on the skin.

4. A foot massage can be the perfect way to relax your partner after a hard day at work, without all the effort of preparing the space or environment for a full body or back massage.

5. Some men enjoy feeling a woman’s nails raking along their back, you could integrate this technique into a stimulating body massage.

6. Don’t be shy about using more pressure – he can handle it! Unless of course the area is bruised or too tender. Work up to a deeper stroke and make sure he knows to let you know if it is too much or too little.

7. You can provide more stimulation by varying not only the type of strokes you use, but also by varying the lengths and speed of strokes. Make sure that each stroke always leads into the next smoothly though to avoid your partner feeling stressed and embracing himself for the next unpredictable stroke.

8. After a massage it is important to re-hydrate by offering him a glass of water. A massage promoted the release of toxins from the body. Drinking plenty of water afterwards aids in flushing the toxins out of his body.

9. Make sure he can have a shower afterwards he he wants, because oils can clog the pores and leave blemishes on the skin.

10. A warm bath after your massage and before his shower could be the icing on the cake!

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