Planning A Sex Date – The Key to Great Sex

Transition date night into unforgettable passion with these sexy tips, guaranteed to turn any old dinner-and-a-movie into lip-biting, sheet-grabbing, toe-curling, mind-blowing hot sex!

For a romantic and sexy date you could either hit your favourite date spot, rent a hotel room for the evening or stay at home and make a candle light dinner for two. No matter what’s your choice, the most important date night tip: Get Prepared

Prepare the date

Eat aphrodisiac foods that would amp up your sex drive – oysters and sea food, dark chocolate, watermelon, avo’s, strawberries, nuts and figs. Avoid red meat, beans, artificial sweeteners, broccoli, cheese and liquorice. And not too much alcohol.

Think about ways to turn the conversation sexual. If you are afraid to be direct, make up things like:

“I read in the Cosmo that most men prefer a trimmed or hairless vagina. Apparently they like the look and it also makes for smoother sex. I think its quite interesting. What do you think?”

“A friend of a friend recently told us she and her boyfriend introduced a sex toy into their relationship and they are having the best sex ever.” See what his reaction is.

If you stay at home play an erotic game for two like Moodzz Discover Your Lover. Or sex interview your partner – see here.

Don’t leave the sex for too late in case you would like to go for a second round. After the first round has come and gone, prepare yourself for the second by resting for a couple of minutes first. Chill out for a little while. One good option is to hop into the shower — together. Spend a few moments cleansing and rubbing each other up and down. This will serve to both awaken both of your senses, and rev your bodies up for another round of pleasure.

Prepare your mind

The secret to good sex is in your mind. Turning on your brain before you have sex, triggers your libido into action. Throughout the day take time to close your eyes and think back to the best sex you ever had. Imagine your favorite sexual fantasy and let your partner be in that fantasy. It is a great way to heat yourself up.

Prepare your bedroom

No one wants to have sex under the harsh, unflattering light that emanates from most ceiling fixtures: way too clinical. Still, having sex in the pitch black reeks of insecurity. Placing candles around the room is a sexy-time classic that no Urban Outfitters lamp will ever beat. Everyone looks their best in warm, romantic light. Make sure the bed is made and use really nice, really soft sheets! Put some massage oil or lotion next to the bed so you can easily seduce him with your touch. And don’t forget to have your favorite lube, condoms or “toys” nearby! Because, let’s face it, once you get started, you’re not going to want to stop.

Prepare your body

Slip on some sexy lingerie under your clothes. It’ll be your little secret all day and will help build excitement for the big reveal later that night.  Check out Mr Grey’s sexy lingerie range here. Or be bold and buy him a clothing store gift card and ask him to buy something that he would like to see you in.

Wear high heels – high heels accentuate the buttocks and calves in a terribly delicious way which drives men crazy with desire.

Pick a scent just for the bedroom. The area of the brain that processes scent also rules emotion and memory, so you can turn him on with a scent that he associates with your naked bod. To spice things up, find a hot new perfume that you can test out tonight. Spray it on your neck, wrists, and knees to excite him every time he smells it. But be careful not to cover yourself in a cloud of cologne. Do not put perfume on your breasts or genitals—it hides the important pheromones that drive men wild.

Put on red lipstick – make him see red. The color red makes men feel more amorous toward women. And men are unaware of the role the color plays in their attraction.

Try a new style down there. If you’ve been sporting a Brazilian-style landing strip since your first night together, grow it out to a fuller triangle shape or go totally bare. Not only will you give him a sexy surprise, but it’ll also create new sensations in bed. If you don’t want to mess with your bikini line, accessorize it with a stick-on crystal body tattoo.

Its important that you feel sexy. Dont do anything that makes your feel really uncomfortable. But also be a bit daring. We are brought up to believe good girls dont want sex so you can easily think of yourself as trashy. Dont deprive yourself of good sex. The reality is good girls want sex too and men feel flattered if they see a woman is sexually arrtracted to them.

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Prepare your man

To prepare your date for a night full of passion, you’ll need one thing: a cell phone to tease him with texts! Earlier in the day, send him a sexy picture- nothing too revealing, but maybe a little sneak peek of the lingerie that they will be seeing you in later.  Turn the heat up a bit more by texting him a photo of you in a sexual position you want to try later that night with a note like “All I need is you.” Or send him a message of all of the things that you want to do to him/you want him to do to you when he has sex with you later on. Get him thinking about all the dirty things he wants to do to you later. Here are some examples of things to sext. Build that tension, girl!!

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