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Want to write for Mr Grey on a volunteer basis? No experience required! We would be happy to hear from you!

We welcome contributions, write for us, you can change lives!

To submit your writing, email your full article to our Editor at customerservice@mrgrey.co.za and include the word “I would like to write for you” in your subject line.

Please note! Relationships is our beat. Mr Grey is all about the relationships you have with your romantic others, including yourself! So anything you pitch should involve love, dating, marriage, divorce, mental health, sex and the like. A Mr Grey piece can be about almost anything as long as it explains how the subject affects you or your relationship with another people. We want the hear the honest, raw and personal opinions and experiences of ordinary people.

It could be about almost anything – it could be about a personal experience, major transformations, advice pieces with actionable tips, things like how a breakup effected you, what do you think about pick-up lines, how you make a long distance relationship work. Or “I’ll Try Anything Once” piece – an experiential piece in which you write about the experience of trying something new and usually a little offbeat, dating a guy twice your age, skinny dipping, having sex with your partner every day for a month …. WHATEVER!

The Mr Grey voice is smart, playful and real.  It should be inspiring, informative, educational, and generally positive. Help our readers grow and feel inspired! Read some pieces on the site before submitting your pitch to get a feel for our tone and the type of stories we publish.



  • Do a bit of research
  • Brainstorm with other people
  • Ask the opinions of people who went through a similar situation
  • Throw in statistics if relevant
  • Quote people, if people don’t want their names mentioned use a pseudonym.
  • Check spelling & grammar
  • Try and make it between 500 – 1300 words
  • Write a catchy title – people are drawn to the title.
  • Have some fun with alliteration. Play with alliteration: “Fool Proof Formula.” It’s a device that makes something a little lovelier to read, and that can have a subtle but strong impact on your reader.
  • Use strong language. Strong phrases (and, frankly, often negative ones) like “Things People Hate,” or “Brilliant” pack quite a punch. However, these must be used in moderation. As one of my coworkers likes to say, “If everything is bold, nothing is bold.”
  • Add to the conversation: We feature a wide range of topics and have a large library of great content. How can your piece add to what’s already there?

Know that every submission is carefully read and appreciated. We are a small staff and can’t respond immediately but will respond within 7 days, and let you know our thoughts. We will let you know on which day we plan to run your article. Feel free to submit more than one article. We accept articles that have been published previously on personal blogs. By submitting an article to us, you are affirming that the writing is your own.

The Editorial Process

  • Submit your article to our editor via email as a MS Word or Google document
  • Our editor will read through it and either (1) make any necessary edits and email you a “preview” version (2) ask you to make a few changes (3) accept it as is.
  • Once everybody is happy, the editor will advise you when your article will be published.
  • Celebrate getting published! Invite your friends to read and comment. Share the link to your article with everyone via the social sharing buttons at the bottom of the page.

We will acknowledge you as the source of the article, unless you prefer to remain anonymous. We could also link back to your own blog for exposure!